Monday, November 5, 2012

CLEO Freebies - October

Alhamdullilah ader jugak rezeki dengan majalah CLEO.Ni first time join contest sms majalah CLEO.OKlah out of 50 ader jugak terselit nama aku hihi.Rezeki makanan saper tak suka kan.Nntlah biler free aku masukkan gambar muffin Occubite ni. Silap yer harga dia seketol aderlah RM2.50 per pc.Aku tgk byk jer free benda ni online...benda baru dia ngah promote kot.

Hi there!

Congratulations! You’ve scored yourself an Occubite voucher for a box of 6 muffins, as featured in the Freebies for You column of CLEO October 12’ issue.

Details for collection are as follows:

Venue : Unit 701,702 & 704, Level 7, Uptown 1,
            No.1, Jalan SS21/58 Damansara Uptown
            47400 Petaling Jaya

Time : Anywhere between 9am-12pm or 2pm-6pm (please note that we are closed on weekends and public holidays).

Date : 5-9 November 2012

Please take note that prizes which are not collected by 9th November will be FORFEITED.

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