Thursday, December 8, 2011

Paper Mate InkJoy : See How It Feels contest

Congratulations ! You are one of the lucky 200 selected to receive the InkJoy review set of pens.

A reminder on the criteria for the review :
1. Review to contain InkJoy products. (Paper Mate Malaysia will send the InkJoy pens to you.)
2. Text, Image or Video reviews are accepted.
3. Reviews to be self-hosted/uploaded by participants.
4. FB Post write-up must not be more than 100 words.
5. Review URLs to be posted on Paper Mate Malaysia Facebook wall.
6. Winner will be pick based on Creativity, Fun and Content.
7. Only reviews with links to it posted/shared on the Paper Mate Malaysia Facebook Page Wall will be taken into account.
8. Participants with incomplete details for delivery of products/prizes will not be entertained.
9. Sexual, racist, political and/or sexist implications are prohibited. Participant's contest eligibility will be deemed null and void.

Prizes :
- 1st Prize : RM200.00
- 2nd Prize : RM100.00
- 3rd Prize : RM50.00
- 197 others will receive a pair of movie tickets for their reviews.

Good Luck !

Warm Regards,
Paper Mate Malaysia

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Win RM100 F&B - 1st winning for Dec. 2011

Hi hi rasa lawaks lak biler en.husband bitau, ader org call dia dari Gold Coast, Sepang..dahlah dia tgh mamai dan dia jawab pon ala2..dia ingat scam ker apa tu cakap En. Shahrul nak dtg utk free touring tak kat Gold Coast ni? today diaorg akan confirmkan the invitation beshnya..aku plak yg sibuk..yelah dah tentulah w'pon en. husband yg menang tapi yg tukang bersusah-payah mengisi dah tentulah puan isteri hihi..yang plg penting kitaorg dapat voucher dining worth of RM100..en.hubby tgh memikirkan nak g atau tidak?
En. hubby kata sbnrnya kalau nak msk situ utk touring kena bayar..tapi kita plak dpt invitation utk touring..adelah besh di situ...yippee..
PIC tu kata lucky draw pon akan ader nanti..