Friday, June 1, 2012

Memetik daripada Parenthots News

Sekadar kenangan dipetik daripada and event..gambar dlm facebook nnt later on bleh letak sini gaks hihi.

Children were cutting out cartoon images, alphabets and other pictures from the newspapers to be pasted onto glass jars. Father Shahrul Nizam Ishak, who came with his family, seemed to be enjoying himself with this craft.

Shahrul said his children, Sufi Rayyan, four, and Sufi Rayees, two, love crafting very much and do it at home.

“They craft sometimes when mum says it’s okay. Today, she lets them go ahead because she doesn’t have to clean up after them,” he added cheekily as wife Suriyawati Md Seran smiled on.

Note : Dapat join second session jer which is decoupage craft..Best..bagi je bebudak 2 org ni freedom sket.ader receive other goodies even though tak dapat goodies bag..mode sedeh sket..tapi over all best sbb we can spent family quality time.

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