Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early comer - break my own record

Hmm...arini sampai opis sangat2 awal. I reached here at 6:37am (hu siap recall tu time in). A good record for me for this year 2012.Bertolak kul 6am even before solat subuh(solat kat opis jer), sbb Mr. Hubby need to go to Terengganu today for submission to Majlis Perbandaran.So utk memudahkan keja I tagged along him..but until my office only..niat di hati tu mmg nak terbabas EL jugak ngikut hati ker Terengganu,tapi apakan daya my report already awaits to be finished up.My other half pls take care..and my prayers will always be with u..Insya Allah.

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