Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free 350g Full Sized Pack of Nestle MOM & ME Maternal Milk

Alhamdullilah tadi aku terima parcel (excited mode) winks winks walaupon tak tau apa benda kat dlm hihi..Rerupanya received full size 350g susu Nestle MOM & Me..
Untuk info susu ni sesuai untuk ibu mengandung dan menyusukan anak..Walaupon I blom pikir nak pregnant lagi buat masa ni hihi..suka jer dpt free gift ni..tapi bole jer bagi kat SIL yg tgh menunggu masa nak bersalin jer tu..She is dairy's lover..

MOM & ME contains 20 Vitamins & Minerals including:

Folic Acid 42% RNI*
Maintains growth & development of an unborn child
Plays a role in the formation of red blood cells
Calcium 54% RNI*
To aid in building your child’s bones & teeth and to
meet you own calcium needs
Iron 43% RNI*+
To support new red blood cells for both you & your
Vitamin A 33% RNI*
For skin health and functioning of the eyes
Vitamin C 79% RNI*
For better absorption of iron from your foods
Good, friendly bacteria
DHA 87.6 mg per day*
Is an important component of the brain
Energy 12.5% RNI*# & Protein 25% RNI*
To meet the increased demands of pregnancy and breastfeeding
To support your child’s growth & development
* source from Nestle website

TQVM Nestle

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