Friday, January 27, 2012

1st day driving to - OFFICE

Dear Diary ,

Date : 27 Jan 2012
Day : Friday
Time : 7:00am
Car : Viva (Auto)

Today is my first day driving car to office, as my husband seat uncomfortably watching me driving..haha..relaxlah B..chill sket..this is my first time driving an auto car..mestilah cam awkward sket..perasaan sgt cuak at the beginning and the trembling is inside out..gelabah seh..biler dah kat tgh2 baru timbul keberanian and husband pon dah start slow sket membebel..dgn bunyi radio yg kuat sgt irritating..habis daya konsertrasi gone..Buat dear hubby gimme a breaklah dear..takkan baru bwk skali dah terus pandai..Tapi alhamdullilah akhirnya sampai jugak ke destinasi ku - my office..hihi..

Congratulate to myself yeay..well done to me..I manage to drive a car even though without flying colours..I'm proud of myself.

Note : after this have to be more careful when driving, the brake and the corner..don't take a dangerous one..lesson learn..after this will alert more..hihi
(feel a lots safer in a small car)


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