Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mothers' Day Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion: 18K White Gold Earrings

Semalam gatal2 tangan surf kat dealmates skali terrrrbeli deal nih.Ter "OK" tak sengaja hehe...takperlah kasik reward kat diri sendiri as well to my mother.Yelah mother's day is somewhere in May kan.

Dealnya sangat berbaloi-baloi buy 1 you get one for free.Pertama kali beli earrings online hehe.cantikkan white gold lagi.Actual price dlm RM300++.Tak ingat plak.Kalau raser nak view sila click kat SINI yer.

NOW RM30.00
93% OFF
Closing in
7d 10h 22m 1s
+3% credit rebate
Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time again to show your love and appreciation for the one who provided us with the love and guidance we needed while growing up and sometimes still need. And what better way to show your love by gifting her with this lovely pair of 18K White Gold Earrings. Buy one set, get another set free! Check out this awesome deal:
  • Mother’s Day Promo: 2 Sets of 18K White Gold Earrings
  • Each set consists of a pair of earrings
  • White gold plated
  • 6 pieces of crystals in each earring

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